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Mother Nature and its stars



At the reception of the campsite, you will  find many more ideas

Domaine des Lévrys

The Sologne region is a true paradise for hikers. Discover the fauna and flora of this territory by visiting this domain, a fantastic woody area of ​​230 hectares, and its observatory located on the edge of a 28 hectare lake.

Free entrance


at Nouan Le Fuzelier

(1km from the campsite)


The Sologne region has got more than 2800 lakes. They form a rich biological living environment.

This museum of the lakes of Sologne will make you discover this heritage which is at the same time historical, ecological and cultural, and therefore, an element of international importance.


in St Viâtre

(about 8km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

maison des étangs

Very original museum which allows you to discover the tradition of illegal hunting in Sologne in a fun way. Thanks to the presence of many animations and anecdotes, this place, really like no other, reveals another side of the Sologne identity.


at Chaon

(about 15km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)


The deer is certainly the most symbolic animal of our forests. it is very present in Sologne and if you go for a walk, you are likely to meet some.

If you want to know more about the life of this fascinating animal, a visit to the "Maison du Cerf" is a must.


in Villeny

(about 30km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)


With its 180 ha, this lake, dug in 1864 to supply the Sauldre Canal, is considered to be the largest in Sologne. It is at the same time a small paradise for hikers, fishermen and all those who want to practise 

water sports such as sailing, water skiing and swimming.

Access is free in all seasons.


in Cerdon du Loiret

(about 30km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

Etang du Puits

It is one of the most extraordinary zoos in Europe with more than 35,000 animals on more than 40 hectares and novelties every year. Presence of rare and mythical species such as giant pandas.

Many births take place thanks to the involvement of this zoo in the preservation of biodiversity.


in Saint Aignan

(about 85km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

pandas zoo de beauval

Both a floral park and a zoological park, the Parc Floral de la Source is a haven of peace for the whole family. Whatever the season, its 35 hectares will make you discover all the wonders of protected and enhanced nature. For an hour or for the whole day, come and stroll along the numerous seasonal paths, without forgetting the rose garden and the butterfly greenhouse.


at Orléans la Source

(about 37km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)


This preserved area of ​​300 hectares is a real conservatory of Sologne wildlife.

A visit will allow you to observe and get a better understanding of  the peculiarities and charms of the flora and fauna of this territory.


in Ménestreau en Villette

(about 25km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

Cerf dans les bois

It is a space dedicated to astronomy. This magical place offers visitors of all ages a discovery of the universe and its constellations, an explanation of the phenomenon of the seasons and scientific research.

Planetarium and interactive exhibits for all are present, without forgetting the visit to the radio astronomy station.


in Nancay

(about 25km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

le pole des etoiles

The Maison de l'Eau, whose main building is an old 16th century water mill transformed into a museum, invites you for both an eco-friendly and fun visit on the theme of water. The Peatland of La Guette, which stretches over 1300m along the Guette, is also part of the visit, which will delight young and old.


in Neuvy-sur-Barangeon

(about 35km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

Les gouttelettes d'eau

The property is known for its castle, but it is just as famous for its International Garden Festival which takes place every year from April to October. Each year, the topic is different, and the best gardeners, landscapers and other designers compete in creativity to present extraordinary gardens, where quality and originality combine to form real landscaped settings.

Don't miss this major yearly event!


in Chaumont-sur-Loire

(about 80km from Nouan Le Fuzelier)

jardins chaumont sur loire

In front of your campsite, a really great public garden has been set up on the theme of hunting, an activity present in our region. You can walk among statues representing  typical animals of the Sologne region and Greek deities, installed not far from a pretty bandstand.

One of the paths leads to the center of our village 300 meters further.



at Nouan le Fuzelier

(about 50m from the campsite)

parc Cauchoix
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