Our reliable man

He also became our best friend. He is always the first one to help clients when they've got a problem.

Being an English speaker makes it easy for him to communicate with all the foreigners who come to stay with us. 


His motto

The impossible we can do today,

but miracles will take a bit longer



The camping manager

Her preference: the contact with clients coming from many different countries. But her pleasure is also to be able to do lots of different jobs in one day,like spending some time at the reception, then jumping on the lawnmower, then serving in our small restaurant etc... 


Her motto

Always ready for a laugh

but not with irresponsible people


The camping manager

Passionate  by anything dealing with open spaces. The plants and trees of the campsite get a lot of attention from him. He also takes care of the  shower blocks and the other equipments. But he could also be the one welcoming you at the reception just as well. 


His motto

No problems,

only solutions

Not to forget

our four legged companions:

BESS, Bill's Border Collie and

 GOLDY, our mischievous Cairn Terrier

COSY and her friend ROUQUINE

Two lovely hens, very talkative

and sticking together

And of course LOLITA,

our mother rabbit who loves having campers coming to visit her

Camping la Grande Sologne

Rue des peupliers/ Rue Cauchoix 

41600 Nouan Le Fuzelier

 Département Loir et Cher

 Région Centre-Val de Loire

Tél +33 (0)


 Longitude: 2.0363330841064453

 Latitude: 47.53331315279109

Camping géré par SARL BUCOLICAMP

TVA FR28530721893 

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camping partenaire carte acsi